Why choose the Budapest Clinic

We have access to specialists in all fields. Therefore, you should choose the Budapest Clinic AS.


In addition to our clinic in Tromsø we own and operate a Norwegian clinic in Budapest, Hungary. In Tromsø we offer dental treatments performed by our competent team. In cooperation with our clinic in Budapest we have a team of specialists including periodontitis, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, oral medicine to name a few.

Our employees in Tromsø are ready to assist our customers and ensure that all treatment and your stay in Tromsø are as enjoyable as possible. Our staff knows the city well and if you are tourists just ask for any advice or tips at the clinic.

Resepsjonen i TromsøEtt av våre behandlingsrom

You will only meet Norwegian doctors and nurses at the clinic.

We are the only establishment that exclusively employ authorised Norwegian health personnel in our office in Norway. When you contact us you will either meet a physician, specialist nurse or nurse who all have an extensive knowledge in their fields, which ensures good advice and professional guidance from start to finish. Our professionals are also aware of the medical admonition, anatomy and all technical terms. We have a wide experience from Norwegian health care and a good knowledge of the Norwegian regulations and government requirements for documentation and expertise associated with refunds.


Our Customer Service

Andreas Breisjøberg

Andreas Breisjøberg
Nurse specialist

Andreas is one of the people you will meet when you contact our clinic. He will guide you and answer any questions you might have about most of our treatments and booking. Andreas also know our clinic in Budapest very well and can give you tips and advice about your stay in the city.

Andreas can also help you with questions about HELFO and guide you through your application for reimbursement. If you have any other questions, please contact Andreas

Email: andreas@budapestklinikken.no

Telephone: 02415

Balint Horvath

Balint Horvath

Balint is the person who have worked with us for the longest. He has worked several years at the dental clinic as one of our consultants and have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the treatments we perform. Balint can help with everything from information, hotel to flight bookings. He has worked as a guide and knows both Budapest and its surrounding areas very well.

Email: kontakt@budapestklinikken.no

Telephone: 02415


A modern clinic, laboratory and the latest in technological equipment

The Budapest Clinic AS uses a modern dental laboratory where all dental work such as porcelain work, crowns, prosthetics etc are performed. The laboratory is located at our clinic in Budapest and has a great capacity. We work with DHL which in turn ensures that our Norwegian patients can carry out their treatment in the shortest time possible.

Good oral health and dentistry relates to our general health, and teeth are a very important part of our body and health. A multidisciplinary and specialised treatment will clearly therefore be a better alternative to a standalone dental clinic. 

☆The Budapest Clinic office in Norway is open from 08:00 to 21:00 every working day and 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays. This ensures availability and good customer service.

☆Everyone at the clinic speaks Norwegian. Some of our dentists prefer to speak English (especially those from Budapest) but we will be able to assist in translation into Norwegian if needed. 

☆In addition to dentists and dental specialists, we have provided a number of other medical specialities such as implants and specially trained dental surgeons. 

☆Our customer service office in Norway consists exclusively of authorised health physicians, nurses and specialist nurses.

☆We have our own laboratory in Budapest where all the dental work is made by specialists. In cooperation with DHL we ensure rapid production and access to professionals and master potters in the various fields such as crowns, bridge works, dentures etc. Furthermore, we avoid unnecessary waiting for our patients. 

☆We have an extraordinary agreement with a hotel in Tromsø. This way we can guarantee you an affordable and efficient stay.