The Budapest Clinic provides excellent warranties on their treatments


It is important that you follow up on your part of the treatment when you get home. By this we mean that you should be focused on good dental hygiene, participate on your follow-up sessions and follow the advice that the dentists at the clinic provide.

Our warranties are mainly as follows: Effective from 20.10.2012

Crowns 5 years (does not apply to temporary ones)
Bridges 5 years (does not apply to temporary ones)
Facets 5 years (does not apply to temporary ones)
Porcelain implants (Inlays/Onlays) 5 years (does not apply to temporary ones)
Implants (the product) 10 years, on the product (Alpha Bio lifetime warranty)

Partial dentures and removable replacements for combined work

3 year (does not apply to temporary ones)
Full dentures 1 year (does not apply to temporary ones)
Composite fillings 1 year (does not apply to temporary ones)

For some of the prosthetics and removable dentures for combined work it is mandatory to do an annual check-up with the dentist so they can rebase and adapt if necessary.


On AlphaBio implants you get lifetime warranty



In the event of a fault within the warranty period where our dentists and laboratory is responsible and where the patient needs to be treated at the clinic in Budapest, we are committed to a cover costs for travel by up to 2 500 NOK and accommodation in single corresponding the cost for accommodation at Hotel Karin at 288 NOK pr. night. Charges to cost and any loss of earnings is not covered by the warranty. In cases where the patient wants to stay at another hotel rather than the Aquaworld Resort, we will cover expenses up to 400 NOK pr. night.

The patient must immediately and without delay notify the clinic in case of warranty cases. We will provide free transport to/from the airport upon arrival and departure, as well as free tickets for public transport in Budapest.


With us you have Norwegian consumer rights as out clinic was opened and run by us in Norway!


GarantierWe at the Budapest Clinic recommends that all patients return to the clinic for an annual check-uo during the warranty period. (See above) If this is not possible, the patient must visit a local dentist for corresponding control once a year during the warranty period. In cases where there are warranty issues we will request a written documentation documenting this control. In cases where the patient has a periodontal disease, particularly for treatment of such a condition, the clinic recommend the patient to go to a control 2-3 times a year. Follow the recommendation the dentist gives you on departure.

The Budapest Clinic will cover all necessary dental and laboratory costs in connection with the remediation of warranty cases. For any small adjustment you may, by agreement, utilise a local dentist and send the bill to us. This can be done by agreement with the Budapest Clinic. In such cases it should be paid a maximum of 1000 NOK for each case of minor repairs as re-cementing crowns etc. The Budapest Clinic will not provide warranty on this work.

The Budapest Clinic is not liable for any unforeseen root canal which may occur after a tooth or several teeth are prepared for a crown or bridges.

In some cases it can occur a so-called trauma after teeth are prepared for crown and/or bridge. These are normally death with by doing a root canal on the tooth/teeth. We are not responsible for any problem that were not visible on the patient's x-rays from the time of treatment. This also applies to problems that one could not anticipate or reckon in connection with treatment at our clinic in Budapest.


The warranty is reduced or ended:

✓ If the patient does not return to the annual inspection, or the patient is unable to be checked by another dentists and unable to document this visit. This also applies if the patient has not followed the procedures for control as described by the attending dentist at the clinic, or if you have not submitted evidence of control from a Norwegian to the Budapest Clinic by email or tack within ten days after the inspection.

✓ If the patient has neglected oral hygiene. 

✓ If the patient has not followed the dentist's instructions (i.eg. the use of bite splint at night).

✓ If detachable protheses or removable dentures ar not kept and maintained as advised. After the patient has received such solutions it is important that the patient gets an extra day at the clinic, so that they can be adapted and adjusted for free. Any adjustment or adaption made by another clinic is not covered by our warranty. (Prior approval must be submitted)

✓ If the gums or jaw bone deteriorates as a result of natural changes.

✓ If you have an accident i.eg the patient lose the detachable dentures on the floor.

✓ If you go significantly up or down in weight over a short period of time.

✓ If the patient does not follow the scheduled treatment plan. (i.eg. if you leave the clinic before the final adjustment is completed)

✓ If one gets a disease that affects your teeth or overall dental health. (Examples of this can be, diabetes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, cancer, or treatment with chemotherapy or radiation)

✓ If another dentist has performed corrections or other treatment of dental work which the patent has undergone at the Budapest Clinic without the consent of our clinic in advance.


These warranty terms will be handed to all our patients in Norwegian in connection with the treatment.