Dental fear (Nofobi)

Hos oss møter du forståelse (bilde © NRK)

We know that every tenth Norwegian suffer from dental fear, and for many it is perhaps even harder to consult their dentist.

Modern dentistry means that all treatment should be painless. We use the latest in anaesthesia and pain relief, and with us, we guarantee that you will feel safe.

Do you struggle with a fear of dentists it is crucial you speak to us about this before any examination.

All our employees are Norwegian health authorised and whether you contact us by phone, email, Skype or meet us at the clinic, you will be greeted by a doctor, nurse specialist or nurse.

This ensures that you feel safe with us and that you're met with empathy, knowledge, care and people that will take you seriously. We set aside time to make sure you have all your questions answered, no matter how detailed or general they may be, during the entire process.

We as a community with you as a patient and based on any fear of dentists find sufficient therapies, based on your personal experiences, and this will form the basis for your entire dental journey from the minute we pick you up at the airport until the process is completed.