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It should be easy to travel to us for dental treatment!


It should be just as easy to come to our clinic in Tromsø as travelling to our clinic in Budapest. If you live nowhere near Tromsø, simply follow the simple steps below.


Contact us!

Start by contacting us either by phone, email, social media or through our contact form. It is best to clarify when you should arrive as our specialists in Budapest work on rotating schedules. An overview of when we have planned treatments is also in our calendar.


Find out how long you should stay in Tromsø!

We have extensive experience in planning duration of a dental treatment. Therefore, we will assist you with this process when you contact us here.
The safest option is to contact us. You can call us at 02415 (08-21 on weekdays and 10-16 on Saturdays), or use our contact form here.


Book your flights and hotels

Once you know hoe long you will be staying in Tromsø and we have confirmed your arrival, please look for tickets.
We have a separate budget calendar that you can use to look for tickets, this can be found here. If you wish for us to order for you we will use our contact with Berg Hansen and they will send you your tickets by mail or email. Simple and easy!

You can also easily book you desired hotel. We recommend that you stay at our partner hotel which is located barely an 8 minute walk away from the clinic. We will provide you with an exclusive discount code!

Let us know when you arrive

When you have booked your tickets we ask you to call us or send us your travel information via email. We will book you into the clinic so that you get the the dental appointment you need. 


Your job is one! Welcome to us in Tromsø!