Nordlys: Ikke prisen som avgjør (..)

Photo: Fredrick Tønsvoll Mortvedt © Nordlys

In their article this week Nordlys have focused on what is important in the choice of toothpaste. At the Budapest Clinic we focus on quality and high professionalism. We are therefore pleased that Nordlys chose to inquire with out dentists when they wrote this article dealing with dental health.

In their article our leading dentist Svetlana Kobe's underline that is is fluorine content that is important, not the price.


When choosing a toothpaste it is important to check the content of fluorine


Brushing our teeth the wrong way

In the article that you can read on nordlys.no they show you how to brush your teeth the right way. 

  • Squeeze two centimeters of toothpaste onto the brush. 
  • Brush your teeth daily, twice.
  • Wait two hours before eating or drinking after brushing.
  • Do not put your brush under the tap, you'll get a better effect because the toothpaste can adhere better to the teeth, says CrossNet.
  • After brushing, you should not rinse your mouth, this can cause losing the fluorine in your mouth.
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