We have amenities you won't find anywhere else


Resepsjonen i Tromsø

Our clinic in Tromsø has all the amenities you would expect of a modern clinic. Consequently, the equipment is modern and completely new and we have a high standard waiting facility.

Here, you can always pick up a piping hot cup of coffee on a machine that grinds the beans and brews the perfect cup. Of course we also have a tapping tower with refreshing cold water, both still and sparkling.

Ferskbrygget kaffe Vanndispenser















We also provide a daily fresh newspaper, both local, regional and national issues. We also have a well-equipped magazine package which ensures that you can always read the latest issue of Audio & Video, All About Fishing, Tara, Henne, Beautiful Homes & Interiors to name a few. We guarantee you that you will not be reading 10 year old magazines!


We always provide fresh newspapers and magazines!




If you forget to brush your teeth before you arrive, it's no problem. We have clean toothbrushes waiting for you.



Handicap Accessible

Naturally our clinic is organised for those with various handicaps. The clinic is built of the latest standards and meets all requirements. We have private treatment rooms that are specially adapted to those in wheelchairs, a handicap accessible toilet and a wheelchair ramp at the entrance of the clinic.Lett tilgjengelighet