Choose us - the most modern dental clinic in all of Northern Norway.

Since the beginning the Budapest Clinic AS has had the pleasure of conducting several thousand dental treatments at our partner hospitals in Budapest. 
The influx of Norwegians seeing affordable dental care with quality has been tremendous and now we have the pleasure of presenting our own Norwegian dental clinic in Tromsø. Our new clinic will provide an even better service to you as a patient.

Klinikken i TromsøKlinikken i Tromsø - Resepsjonen









As one of the few affordable dental clinics in Northern Norway we rely on very new and modern equipment at our clinic, including 3DCT scanners, which is completely dispensable in therapy with implants. Beside that, our brand new clinic has a fresh and elegant design and provide a very competent professional staff.


We are one of the few in Northern Norway with a 3DCT scanner - at the clinic!


We have four different treatments available here, for each of these we provide dentists/hygienists who are specialised within each of their field such as implant treatment etc. We also have established a private dental laboratory in Budapest, which ensures that you receive prompt and professional treatment all in one place.

Klinikken i Tromsø - BehandlingsromKlinikken i Tromsø - Behandlingsrom








The clinic is owned by the Budapest Clinic AS, which also is responsible for processing, warranties and follow-ups.

If you have been with us in Budapest, you will probably meet many of the same dentists and specialists in our office in Norway. We have also employed several oral surgeons and specialists in periodontics; these are all approved by HELFO to make sure everyone who are performing dental treatment and who are entitled to reimbursement will meet talented dentists and specialists, who meet the Norwegian requirements in terms of education and specialisation.

Klinikken i Tromsø - Resepsjon