Our employees in Tromsø

The Budapest Clinic would be nothing without our skilled and dedicated employees. Fortunately, we succeeded in getting hold of people like that. 

Besides the skilled practitioners who you can read more about here, we have several extremely and talented employees at the clinic.

Liz Hege Dumonceau

Eva Sofie Sæther
Clinic Manager


Email: eva.bkt@budapestklinikken.no  

Telephone: 02415

Cecilie Løvvold Kristoffersen

Camilla Kristiffersen

Cecilie is the first person you'll encounter when you enter our clinic in Tromsø. She's brilliantly sweet and can answer any question you might have. She has customer service bursting out of her fingertips and have a full overview of our available hours.

Email: resepsjon-tromso@budapestklinikken.no

Telephone: 02415