High professionalism guaranteed

As our customer you get access to all the necessary specialists in one place. With us we have dentists who have specialisation in oral surgery, periodontal, prosthetics, smile design and root canal. The fact that the expertise is gathered in one place makes it easier for you as a customer, and you can be assured that you are getting the best treatment at any time.

dreamstime_11766702.jpgThe Budapest Clinic AS has a brand new and modern dental laboratory at the clinic. Here, porcelain work, crowns, proteses etc. are created. The fact that the laboratory is at the clinic and has a very good capacity ensures our Norwegian customers that they can carry out their treatment in the shortest time possible.

The Budapest Clinic as their professional commitment

When we started with dentistry in Budapest we were, and still are, the only establishment who only has authorised Norwegian health personnel in our office in Norway. If you contact the clinic in Norway you will either meet a doctor, specialist nurses, or nurses who all have extended knowledge within their fields.

In our clinic in Tromsø, we also have expert dentists, hygienists, assistants and other important people. With our solid expertise for many years as a provider of dental services in Budapest we will dare to claim that we have the most professional aching which is important for you as a patient. This ensures that you should be able to feel safe and get professional guidance from health carers right from the beginning.

Wish there were more information about our medical service beyond what is available on our webside, simply contact us. We are happy to help and improve.