About us

201210595_logo.jpgcropped-1_200559329_0.jpgThe Budapest Clinic AS is an independent Norwegian company that owns and operates a dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary and Tromsø, Norway. The clinic is owned by the Adolfson Group (Norlandia Scandia), OIP Health AS and Bønna Invest AS.


Our Norwegian medical staff provides safe treatment with us in Tromsø and Budapest


Our main focus is safety and quality, and consequently we only employ authorised Norwegian health personell, physicians, nurses and specialist nurses, at our office in Norway. 

At our clinic in Tromsø, we have a basic manning of dentists and dental hygienists. Our specialities from Budapest will come to Tromsø and perform specialist treatment treatment there. All of our practitioners, in Tromsø and Budapest, are approved by the State Authority and has an agreement for direct settlement with HELFO. After a thorough investigation we have developed a treatment plan with prices. If you wish, you can combine your treatment in both clinics.  

You will meet people who have a good knowledge of the dental treatment performed, and who have broad medical expertise.


You can combine and get your treatment both in Norway and Budapest!


We often collaborate with other Norwegian healthcare systems and public entities such as physicians and HELFO.