Why choose Budapest Klinikken AS

We have a Norwegian clinic in Budapest. That's why you should choose the Budapest Clinic AS


The Budapest Clinic AS owns and operates a Norwegian dental clinic in Budapest. In addition, we collaborate with several other clinics that offer a wide range of medical services. Our modern dental clinic is part of our medical supply where we have access to a unique medical expertise with all medical specialities. This includes cardiology, dermatology, gynaecology, internal medicine, allergy, PET CT scan and a variety of other specialities.

Our employees in Budapest are ready to assist our customers and ensure that all treatment and your stay in Budapest is as optimal as possible. Whether you want an implant, whiten teeth, get new crowns, remove wrinkles, exercising, having a cardiac exam, or eat a nice lunch at one of our restaurants, our staff is really to assist you.

In cooperation with the Budapest Clinic AS, there is also built up an extensive service network in conjunction with the clinics whose mission is to take care of our patients, from landing at the airport until they are back in Norway.

Hvorfor velge Budapest Klinikken AS    Vi har en norsk klinikk i Budapest. Derfor bør du velge Budapest Klinikken AS  Budapest Klinikken AS eier og driver en norsk tannklinikk i Budapest. I tillegg samarbeider vi med flere andre klinikker som tilbyr et bredt spekter av medisinske tjenester. Vår moderne tannklinikk er en del av vårt medisinske tilbud hvor vi har tilgang på en unik medisinsk kompetanse med alle legespesialiteter. Dette inkluderer kosmetisk kirurgi, karidologi, hudlege (dermatolog), gynekolog, indre medisin, allergi, PET CT scan og den rekke andre spesialiteter.  Våre medarbeidere i Buapest er klar til å bistå våre kunder samt sørge for at all behandling og opphold I Budapest blir så bra som overhodet mulig. Enten du vil ha et implantat, bleke tenner, få nye kroner, fjerne rynker, trene, ha en kardiologisk undersøkelse, eller spise en god lunsj på en av våre restauranter er våre medarbeidere klare til å bistå og ivareta deg.  I samarbeid med Budapest Klinikken AS, er det også bygget opp et omfattende serviceapparat i tilknytning til klinikkene som har til oppgave og ta seg av alle våre pasienter, fra de lander på flyplassen til de er trygt hjemme I Norge






You will only meet Norwegian doctors and nurses with us.

We are the only establishment who has exclusively authorised Norwegian health personnel at our office in Norway. Contact the Budapest Clinic AS in Norway and you will meet doctors, specialist nurses or nurses who all have good knowledge within their fields. This ensures that you as a patient should be able to feel sage and get professional guidance from health professionals, from the moment you contact us until you're home and finished with your treatment.

Our professionals are also aware of the medical admonition, anatomy and other technical terms. We have extensive experience from Norwegian health care, and have a good knowledge of the Norwegian regulations and government requirements for documentation and expertise linked to eg. refunds. 


Our Customer Service

Andreas Breisjøberg

Andreas Breisjøberg
Specialist nurse

Andreas is one of the first people you will meet when you contact our clinic. He will guide you and answer any questions you might have about most of our treatments and booking. Andreas also know our clinic in Budapest very well and can give you tips and advice about your stay in the city.

Andreas can also help you with questions about HELFO and guide you through your application for reimbursement. If you have any other questions, please contact Andreas

Email: andreas@budapestklinikken.no

Telephone: 02415

Balint Horvath

Balint Horvath

Balint is the person who have worked with us for the longest. He has worked several years at the dental clinic as one of our consultants and have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the treatments we perform. Balint can help with everything from information, hotel to flight bookings. He has worked as a guide and knows both Budapest and its surrounding areas very well.

Email: kontakt@budapestklinikken.no

Telephone: 02415


A modern clinic, laboratory and the latest in technological equipment

The Budapest Clinic AS has a brand new and modern dental laboratory at the clinic. Here, porcelain work, crowns, proteses etc. are created. The fact that the laboratory is at the clinic and has a very good capacity ensures our Norwegian customers that they can carry out their treatment in the shortest time possible.

Good oral health and dentistry relates to our general health and teeth are a very important part of that. A multidisciplinary and specialised treatment will clearly therefore be a better alternative than a standalone dental clinic.

☆The Budapest Clinic office in Norway is open from 08:00 to 21:00 every working days and 10:00 to 16:00 onSaturdays. This ensures availability, service and last but not least you as a patient get as much as possible done while you're in Budapest. 

☆We have our own Norwegian-speaking staff employed at the clinic, who can assist all of our patients with everything from dentistry, translation to restaurant recommendations.

☆In addition to dentists and dental specialities, we provide a number of other medical specialities: implantologists, specially trained dental surgeons, etc.

☆The employees at our office in Norway are only authorised health physicians, nurses and specialist nurses.

☆We have our own laboratory where all the dental work is made by specialists in Budapest. This ensures fast productions and access to professionals and master potters in the various fields such as crowns, bride work, dentures etc. Furthermore, we avoid unnecessary waiting for our patients caused my a lack of capacity.

☆We will gladly arrange for other offers such as childcare, hairdressing, skin care, massage, spa treatments, group training, etc.

☆We have a very good deal with the hotel where the clinic is located. This ensures that you have everything under one roof.

☆When you pay, you will pay at our Norwegian bank terminals. This gives you the Norwegian consumer rights and Norwegian warranty.


Satisfied patients

Since its inception we have had thousands of satisfied customers and patients. In 2012 we decided to take the plunge and open the first and only Norwegian clinic in Budapest. We offer high quality treatment with Norwegian warranty and Norwegian consumer rights. The facilities and clinics are in a class of their own. Outside the dentist's  chair, we have a variety of offers that our patients can use freely, ranging from wellness to fitness and private nursery. Furthermore, our hotel has the location and standard that allows you to experience the amazing Budapest from inside.

Artikkel fra Dagens Næringsliv

Photo: Hugo Lilleng from Finnmark. Read the entire article from Dagens Næringsliv (29.12.10) here


The Budapest Clinic where everything is organised for the patient

☆We can assist with booking and reservation of your tickets.
☆We prepare everything related to your stay in Budapest.
☆We pick you and any companions free at the airport and drive you back free for departure.
☆Our staff at the office in Norway or in the clinic can assist you with bookings of tickets for various events and sightseeing in Budapest.
☆We book hotels for you.
☆The office in Norway is staffed from 08:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays. They can assist you with any questions, monitoring, information and anything else related to your treatment and travel.