Reimbursement by disease

Are you entitled to benefits for dental treatment? Now you have the same rights for treatment with us as you have in Norway! You can thus receive a partial refund of the processing performed in Budapest from the National Insurance Scheme.


After working with this new regulation for a long period of time it is finally declared that the scheme enters into force on January 1st 2011, and our patients can now access the same reimbursement as the Norwegian patients.

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Calculations for appraisals

The arrangement came as a result of healthcare not considered "hospital treatment" by the EU Court could not be reimbursed. This means that you can also perform a variety of other medical treatments and research with us and still get this refunded by the National Insurance Company. It is Helfo,, which will administer reimbursement claims. They have created a form for Norwegian patients who perform dentistry in another EU country, and who then may be entitled to refunds from the National Insurance.

The prerequisite for refunds is that your dental disease is defined as lasting.

The Budapest Clinic is in regular dialog with Hello. We have prepared all applications for procedure for you at the clinic by including integration Helfo's form into our patient system. This is done in consultation with Helfo so everything is streamlined for you as a patient.

The assumption is that you meet the requirements of what the authorities have defined as lasting dental diseases. Examples include Periodontitis and Bruxism (teeth grinding). You can read more about these different diseases here and here.


A large number of Norwegian citizens meet the requirement for reimbursement. Both Periodontitis and Bruxism is far more common than most realise. We are weekly in contact with patients who arrive at our clinic and are not aware of their rights to funded treatment, or that they even had a dental disease.


Unlike most of our competitors the Budapest Clinic only employ authorised healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors in our office in Norway. Our professionals have all the knowledge and experience related to documentation requirements for eg. the National Insurance Scheme. They also know the different diseases and underwent the medical admonition, which in our view will become a big advantage in this context.

This should be filled out by our dentists/specialists in Budapest 436.78 KB
As a patient you must fill out this form 342.81 KB


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