Duration of stay

For many people, the time is also important. For us, the quality is important. Therefore we have set a few limits on how soon you can be finished with the most common treatments.


Below you can see how long you have to calculate on being in Budapest to carry out your dental care properly. If in doubt about how long you should stay, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to help. To use minimum days you must arrive in Budapest at noon and your departure on departure day should be after 11:00. We recommend that you follow the recommended time and add at least one of the travel days.
Note that the number of days is stated in working days


Shortest stay


Composite fillings 1 day 2 days
Root canal 1 day 3 days


Porcelain crown / bridge (on existant tooth) up to 3 crowns 5 days 7 days
Porcelain crown / bridge (on existant tooth) more than 3 crowns 7 days 10 days
Crowns / bridges on pin 6 days 10 days
Crowns / bridges carried out on two trips - Trip 1 3 days 4 days
Stay between travel 1 and 2. Min. 1,5 weeks.
Crwons / bridges carried out on two trips - Trip 2 3 days 4 days


Full or partial dentures 5 days 7 days


Insertion of implants - just insert the implants 3 days 4 days
Insertion of implants plus teeth extraction and repair on other teeth 3-4 days 5 days


Arrival Thursday (attaching the crown(s) / bridge(s) and click prosthesis) 7 days 10 days
Arrival Sunday/Monday (attaching the crown(s) / bridge(s) and click prosthesis) 10 days 12 days
Combined work (a loose and a fixed part) 10 days 14 days

The prerequisite for time spent is that it is not used more time on planning your treatment than is currently set up by the clinic and that you do not change your treatment plan underway. Your tooth situation may also make it impossible to practically carry out the process at the minimum time. There are always individual differences and in some cases there will be a need for less or more time than the ones listed above. Please contact us and we'll help with your planning.