Ceramic bridge

If you have lost one or more teeth they can be replaced by a bridge. A bridge is one or more artificial teeth fixed to one or two of the remaining teeth on your jaw.

The teeth that form the attachment for the bridge are called bridge pillars or anchor teeth. These must first be sanded down to provide the attachment. For the bridge to be placed in the right position the dentist or dental secretary will take an imprint of your teeth. 

The bridge is made by a dental technician. Until the final bridge is ready to be put in place the sanded down teeth are protected by temporary plastic crowns.

A bridge is usually built up around a core of metal. The core is covered by a ceramic material (porcelain) with a high tensile strength.

The porcelain cast will be in the same colour as the other teeth, that way the bridge will resemble the natural teeth. (The sketch on the left explains the section through a core in a bridge.) 

When the bridge is finished it is attached to the anchor teeth with cement. After the bridge is fixed in its position it should be treated as natural teeth with brushing, flossing and toothpicks. It is important to keep the transition between porcelain and teeth clean to prevent dental caries and inflammation of the gums around the abutment. We can provide guidance and assistance to take care of the brigde.



The entire process of a dental bridge to be held in place by existing teeth is relatively simpe and can take very little time to complete. This is often done in one trip to the clinic but you will have to spend a few days in Budapest. 

  1. Your dentist at the clinic will examine your current situation. Then you and your dentist can determine which solution works best for you.
  2. After you have decided the dentist will prepare your adjacent teeth so they can be used as anchors for the final all-ceramic dental bridge. A minimum of two adjacent teeth will be reshaped. The dentist will then take an imprint of this specific area in your mouth to make a temporary dental bridge for you to use while the final one is being made. We will send the imprint to a laboratory where a model is made. The lab makes your new all-ceramic dental bridge from the model.
  3. When your dentist have received your new dental bridge you must return to the clinic to get the bridge fitted and cemented. Your dentists will ensure that the dental bridge fits properly and that you are happy with the result. The production process at our laboratory ensures a perfect fit with little or no modification necessary.
  4. Your dentist will finally cement the dental bridge in place and your smile is complete!