Dental treatments



We offer most dental treatments at reasonable prices


Whether you ar missing a number of teeth or no one can find the service that suits you, we can help. Our dentists perform everything from filling holes to design and full restoration of complete jaws. The expertise of the clinic is of very high quality. The clinic has a good reputation and can choose from the best dentists in Budapest. All our skilled dentists are led by Dr. Balint Németh who is the chief dentist at the clinic.


All our dentists are registered with HELFO. If you are entitled to a refund you will get it!


HELFO – reimbursement

January 1st 2011 there came a new set of rules that gave you as a Norwegian citizen entitlement to refunds for completed dentistry within the EU/ EEA if you are eligible. The legislation required that the condition can be documented and that the dentist has been approved and registered with HELFO. All of our dentists are recorded and approved. This, and that we have a permanent staff member at the dental clinic, Margit, who works with refund applications allow you to feel confident that we can help you. Margit speaks Swedish fluently and will assist you if you have any other questions.

Norwegian speaking staff

To understand what will happen is very important. It is crucial that you experience your visit with us as safe and comfortable. We have employed two people at the clinic who speak Norwegian/ Swedish. Margit, Andrea and Petra provides to help you if you need translation.


Treatments we offer


Crowns and bridges [Read more]
A crown is an artificially constructed tooth that attaches to a ground tooth/ root. A crown is developed and adapted when your original tooth is so damaged that it cannot be repaired with a filling. The tooth is sanded down/ prepared and imprinted which is delivered to our dental technician in our laboratory. In some cases it will be necessary to do a root canal to the tooth and then produce a staple for sufficient anchorage/ grip around the tooth to make a crown. The crown is the attached on the pin (...)


Implants [Read more]
If you have lost one or several teeth, or have a loose or partial prosthesis, implants can be the solution to many problems of everyday life. Many years of research and development has made it possible to replace a lost tooth with a so-called dental implant. The new tooth is with this solution attached to the jawbone and acts as natural teeth. We dare say that today we are one of the most reasonable priced clinics in the world when it comes to implants and our affordable implant costs only 3550 NOK (...)

Fillings [Read more]
A filling in a tooth is the most common treatment of a hole (caries) in a tooth. The purpose is to prevent the hole to get bigger, but also to bring the normal function and form back. When the dentist does a filling he will remove the damaged tooth structure so that only healthy tooth tissue is left. He will then fill the whole with a filling material (...)


Oral surgery [Read more]
A tooth may be removed for several reasons. It may be because it's damaged and cannot be repaired, it may also be that you have a serious gum disease that causes teeth to loosen and must be removed. It is unlikely that you will have any problems after deducting, besides some short-term discomfort (...)