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It's easy to book your trip to us.


It is not difficult to book your treatment journey to our Norwegian clinic in Budapest. For you to come to Norway's cheapest and best dental clinic in Budapest there are a few things you must do yourself.


Find out when it is convenient for you to come!

As our customer it is important that the time suits you best. We have a good capacity and if your book more than 14 days before arrival we guarantee space for you. Always check our calendar first.


Find out how long you should stay in Budapest!

For all first-time travelers, we recommend that you stay for about a week, usually Monday to Friday. If you know what treatment you need you can determine how long you should stay by looking at our guide.
The safest option is to contact us. You can call us at 02415 (08-21 on weekdays and 10-16 on Saturdays), or use our contact form.


Book your flight

Once you know how long you are staying in Budapest you should start looking for tickets. We have a separate budget calendar you can use to look for tickets. If you wish for us to do this for you we will contact our partner Berg Hansen and they will send you your ticket by mail or email. Simple and easy!


Let us know when you arrive

When you have booked your tickets you can call us or send us your travel details via email. We will book you into our hotel, Aqua World Resort, where our clinic is located. Should you wish for a different hotel we cooperate with other hotels around Budapest. If you want more information about this give us a call!


Your job is done! Leave the rest with us!


We deal with all the practicalities for you! We will pick you and your companion(s) at the airport, arrange accommodation, dentist appointments and more.