Choose us - choose a Norwegian dental clinic in Budapest!


The Budapest Clinic® has since the beginning had the pleasure of conducting several thousand dental treatments at our partner hospitals in Budapest.
The influx of Norwegians seeking affordable quality dental care has been tremendous, and we now have the pleasure of presenting our own Norwegian dental clinic in Budapest. Our new clinic will provide an even better service to you as a patient.


Ett behandlingsrom på klinikken i BudapestEtt behandlingsrom på klinikken i Budapest


As the first operator in Scandinavia we have chosen to establish a 100% Norwegian clinic at Aqua World Resort in Budapest. One can consequently stay at the clinic, where there is also a range of other facilities which can be freely used by our travelers. The clinic opened on 15th October 2012, and all of our dental patients are now being treated at our Norwegian clinic.

We are the first Norwegian clinic in Budapest!


The clinic is equipped with the very latest in treatment equipment and has 7 treatment rooms for our dentists, two of which are specially adapted for surgeries like implant treatment etc. We have also established a dental laboratory, which ensures that you as a patient receive prompt and professional treatment, all in one place.


Vi har eget tannteknisklaberatorium på klinikken

Vi har eget tannteknisklaberatorium på klinikken









The clinic is owned by the Budapest Clinic AS, which is also responsible for processing, warranties and debriefs. All payments are made to the Budapest Clinic in Norwegian kroner, and the clinic in Budapest is equipped with Norwegian bank terminals. As a patient with us you buy the service from us in Norway, whereas the treatment is performed in Budapest.  This means that you are ensured complete consumers rights under Norwegian law and regulations.

If you have been with us before we opened the clinic, you will meet the same dentists and specialists at our clinic in Budapest. We have also employed several oral surgeons and specialists in periodontics. These are all approved by HELFO, so that anyone who is entitled to reimbursement will be treated by dentists/specialists that meet Norwegian requirements in terms of education and specialisation.

Our Norwegian-speaking patient consultant Margit, Andrea and Petra are present at the clinic in the morning. They are ready to assist our Norwegian travelers.