About us

201210595_logo.jpgcropped-1_200559329_0.jpgThe Budapest Clinic AS is an independent Norwegian company that owns and operates a dental clinic in Norway and Budapest, Hungary. The clinic is owned by the Adolfson Group (Norlandia Scandia), OIP Health AS and Bønna Invest AS.


Our Norwegian medical staff provides safe treatments in a Norwegian clinic in Budapest


Our main focus is safety and quality, and consequently we only employ authorised Norwegian health personell, physicians, nurses and specialist nurses at our office in Norway.
We facilitate and assist with the practicalities for our patients: Free transportation to and from the airport and clinic in Budapest, booking of hotels, scheduling, ordering hours at the clinic, as well as guidance sto make it safe and easy for everyone to travel to Budapest and receive treatment.

There are Norwegian and Swedish speaking personnel employed at the clinic in Budapest. They assist our travellers with everything from treatment plans, translation and other practicalities, so that you as a traveler feel safe.

You will meet people who have a good knowledge of the clinic, their procedures, treatments, and who also have broad medical expertise. All our patients receive a dedicated customer service representative in Norway who will follow you from contacting us to your final treatment is completed.

We help you - from start till finish


We often collaborate with other Norwegian healthcare systems and public entities such as physicians and HELFO. Our clinic in Budapest has a unique composition of specialists in most fields within dentistry. This allows you, as a patient, to feel safe at any time.

As our customer you will always be picked up and driven to/from the airport and hotel and enjoy free travel by metro, tram and bus.
Since we are the only establishment on the market who offer a Norwegian dental clinic in Budapest we can gladly offer Norwegian payment terminals in Budapest. For you as a customer this means increased safety. You can pay with your regular bank card at our clinic in Budapest and the money will go from A to B in Norway. Uncertainty about exchange rates fluctuations will not be an issue and your customer rights will be strengthened when purchasing the service of us in Norway. When it comes to travel you need to pay directly to the airline/travel company and hotel.


As our customer you are protected by Norwegian consumer rights - in Budapest


The Budapest Clinic AS do not have private dentists employed in Norway, and thus cannot consider the individual patient's dental health or treatment before arrival. 
Agreements on all processing are done between the individual patient and the clinic/doctors/dentists. Your guarantees are taken care of by us in the clinic and it is us you will need to contact in regards of warranty. 
For more information or informational chat please feel free to contact our customer service by phone or email.